Sunset Hills Upgrade To a Wet Bar In Your Rec Room

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The den, the rec room, the family room…no matter what you call it, there should be one place in the home where the entire family can relax after a long day. If you are especially sociable, the room should be inviting and spacious, perfect for receiving guests, and equipped to entertain. Most definitely, a wet bar is needed for all your planned activities. You can have your new wet bar installed by the professionals at Premier Home Design and Remodeling LLC your Sunset Hills professional renovation contractor.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a wet bar is simply a counter area or bar, recessed within the room or situated like a Sunset Hills kitchen island, that features a working sink with running water. Unlike the standard kitchen sink, a bar sink is usually a small single bowl, often stainless steel, used for rinsing glasses and flatware or adding water to mixed drinks. Wet bars may also features miniature refrigerators for storage of wine and beer, and cabinets for glassware and other items needed for entertaining. For families who host gatherings on a regular basis, be they club meetings or a weekly football game viewing, having a wet bar offers a great advantage.

A wet bar takes some pressure away from the kitchen by allowing drinks to be stored and served where the party is, plus the host can save time using this service area rather than having to run to different parts of the Sunset Hills house. Using a stainless steel sink for the bar allows for an attractive, sanitary workspace for your parties as well.

Regardless of the layout of your Sunset Hills home, wet bars are usually simple to install. Hiring the proper plumber and contractor for the job is one step in the right direction, and an attractive countertop and accessories will enhance the look of your entertaining area. So if you plan to receive friends, family, or co-workers into your home, why not consider making them more comfortable with the luxury of a wet bar? This is one investment guaranteed to enhance the value of your home.


If you are looking for a professional Sunset Hills remodeling contracator  to install your wet bar call Premier Home Design and Remodeling LLC. (636)579-6858

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