10 Point Contractor Code Of Ethics

  1. We will always provide a detailed cost breakdown before beginning the work.
  2. We will always provide a written schedule for the progress of the work.
  3. We will always secure a building permit if one is required.
  4. We will always sign a written contract that includes our cost breakdown, the schedule and the plans.
  5. We will always provide sufficient labor to accomplish the work according to the project schedule.
  6. We will always leave the job in a clean and orderly condition.
  7. We will provide you with a list of the subcontractors that we intend to hire.
  8. We will provide a detailed invoice that incorporates a current report of the project budget.
  9. We will compile a booklet of all manufacturers' warranties for any new equipment we install.
  10. We will conduct a walk-through inspection with you and correct any deficient work prior to final payment.

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