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If you are planning a Clayton new remodeling project you may want to outline the different aspects of the job and see if any projects might be better served by hiring a remodeling contractor. You could certainly take on many home improvement projects yourself with a little skill and some sweat. However, some remodeling projects are better off in the hands of a professional Clayton remodeling contractor like Premier Home Design and Remodeling LLC. This article will look at some of those possible projects.

Remodeling contractors are specialist in a certain field. Some are best at doing floors or bathroom remodeling. Others deal with dens and game rooms. By being specialist in a certain field they can offer more value if you have a project in their field.

Premier Home Design and Remodeling LLC - Clayton Bathroom Remodeling

Are you trying to decide whether or not you want to remodel your Clayton bathroom or not? You may have been mulling over this decision for weeks or even months. You may not want to deal with the headache of construction in the house or you may not feel and though it will benefit you enough. Well, the truth is there are many different benefits to remodeling your Clayton bathroom and here are a few.

The first and most important of all the benefits is the possibility of increasing your house's value. This will mainly happen when you make upgrades to your existing bathroom and not when you are simply fixing up the old bathroom to look relatively the same. Most upgrades to an existing bathroom will increase the overall value of a house however, the size of the increase may depend on the size of the upgrade. If you are simply purchasing and installing a better bath tub then the increase may be small but if you are increasing shower space as well as redoing the floors and walls you may see a significant increase in values. For all of your Clayton bathroom renovaitons needs and desire give the skilled professionals at Premier Home Design and Remodeling LLC a call today.

Clayton - Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Have you had the desire to remodel your Clayton kitchen for ages, but haven't been able to get up the gumption to do it? You might be struggling with having your kitchen out of service for a while during the remodeling process. Or you may just not be sure how to begin. Here are some of the reasons why remodeling your kitchen will be a great thing. Hopefully, this information will push you over the edge and get you started on getting the kitchen of your dreams.

Probably the best reason to remodel your kitchen is because it's like getting a new kitchen without having to move. In fact, remodeling a kitchen can be better than getting a new kitchen because you've already spent years working in that kitchen and know what works for it and what doesn't. During your remodel you'll be able to make the changes you've come to desire over the years and create the best kitchen for you. Even if all you want to do is update your old counter-tops, floor, or cabinets, you'll likely have ideas that you've been wanting for a while. And what better way to get exactly what you want than by selecting these things during a remodel? Call our Clayton renovation professionals today and get the Kitchen that you desire.

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  • Clayton Basement Remodeling

    There are many different routes you can go as a homeowner when you are looking to renovate your basement. Basement finishing wall partitions similar to Owens Corning system models will provide a wide range of benefits if you choose that as the direction you would like to go in. The benefits will make your life easier, add more value to your home and will protect your investment for years to come. So when you are ready to evaluate options for your basement renovations, put some thought into basement finishing wall partitions similar to Owens Corning system units.

    First, it's time to clear up a few worries that some people have in regards to this kind of project. It is always a smart idea to alleviate your concerns and evaluate every option for both its pros and its cons. Some people have concerns that you have to choose a specific floor style or material with basement finishing similar to Owens Corning system models, but this is almost never the case.

    Generally you can still pick and choose from any kind of floor, putting down the ideal floor to match your style, budget and the intended usage of the room. Therefore you have plenty of room to still design your ideal basement, whether you want tile, carpeting, hardwood or anything else.

    Another worry people have with basement finishing projects is that mold or mildew is going to set in and ruin everything. Well, this is actually one of the primary benefits to these systems. They are treated and designed to be mold resistant, which means they will help keep things dry instead of moist, and they will help to limit the growth and spreading of mold should it ever occur.

    Plus, these systems are designed to be incredibly strong and durable. Many people finish their basements using only cheap dry wall with no support. These walls on the other hand are actually built to be dent resistant and ultra durable, which means that you'll be able to relax your concerns and feel good in the fact that a small bump or accident won't crumble your wall section.

    Of course, the number 1 benefit for homeowners looking into using these systems is how hassle free they are to install. You will hardly need any kind of instruction to finish your basement utilizing these systems. Everything is already together into one unit, and you just need to place it where it needs to go basically. Many of the hard steps have already been completed for you, ensuring your project gets done in less time, with less work and effort.

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