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bathroomThere are numerous types of standard bathrooms that range from family and master bathrooms to individual, compartmentalized, half and guest bathrooms. These should all be considered as options when contemplating home improvements. More specialized requirements such as disabled bathrooms and full or three quarter baths may need more consideration as part of a renovation project.

At Premier Home Design & Remodeling, our  bathroom remodeling contractors in St Louis County have the experience and skill to help design and remodel any bathroom you choose.

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When you replace your Saint Louis County old appliances with new energy efficient appliances, you save money. When you replace your Saint Louis County drafty kitchen windows with new energy efficient windows, you are putting money back in your Saint Louis County pocket by reducing your utility bills. This is a win-win scenario.  

Saint Louis County Wet Bars

Having a wet bar in a finished basement is a luxury that many people are deciding to install, even if they aren't avid drinkers. The convenience of having somewhere in your Saint Louis County basement where you can keep cold drinks, house dishes and glassware, and have access to running water makes one almost a necessity of human life. Finished basements are now the norm, because people are opting to expand their living space by utilizing their lower levels, and no living space is complete without at least a powder room and a space for Saint Louis County basement hospitality. Thus the introduction of basement wet bars.

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  • Saint Louis County Bathroom Remodeling

    One of the first rooms people tackle when they decide to remodel their home is the bathroom. It is a smaller – more tangible – area to cover than, for example, a kitchen or living room. A bathroom has the smallest square footage and overall should be a cheaper investment. Here are a few Chesterfield Bathroom Remodeling ideas if you are in the market for renovation…

    Walk-in showers are becoming more and more popular because of their easy use and comfort. They come with many customized option during installation. For example, the shower door, foot rest, shampoo and soap caddies, seat, and hand heal shower spout are all options you have with a walk-in shower. This type of shower is especially useful for the elderly or physically impaired because they are known for their safety, and often include a seat with a hand held shower spout.

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