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Having a wet bar in a finished basement is a luxury that many people are deciding to install, even if they aren't avid drinkers. The convenience of having somewhere in your basement where you can keep cold drinks, house dishes and glassware, and have access to running water makes one almost a necessity of human life. Finished basements are now the norm, because people are opting to expand their living space by utilizing their lower levels, and no living space is complete without at least a powder room and a space for basement hospitality. Thus the introduction of basement wet bars.

You have to admit that it's anything but convenient to have to run up and down your stairs while you're having a party. Instead of spending times enjoying yourself with your guests, you'll find yourself running up to get extra plates of hors d'oeuvres, then glasses, silverware, napkins, a wet rag... You can make yourself tired just by thinking of all the trips you may have to make. By having a St Louis County wet bar built into your basement, you will be able to conveniently store all of your items in one area where you can get to them without having to miss any of the party going on around you.

Adding a back bar will give you plenty of storage for wines, liquors, and beer. With all the equipment needed to mix a drink right at your fingertips, you'll be able to be a part of the conversation while you're preparing drinks for your guests. Neither your bar or your back bar need to be built to look like the one down at the corner tap. This is, after all, your home, and you want it to look comfortable and tasteful. Bars are being built in many different shapes these days, and while an "L" shape is most popular, there are also bars that are more rounded or even kidney-shaped which are both decorative and functional.

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